How exactly do you Pull Santa's Beard?

First, eat a cookie.

Then, to start the game, shuffle the PSB Cards and put them in one pile.

Shuffle the Beard Cards and smear them around the table in the shape of Santa's Beard (add a Santa hat for the full effect if you have one).

Players take turns drawing a PSB Card, it will either be Naughty or Nice.

Nice Cards allow you to spread holiday cheer, eat cookies and force other players to pay you compliments.

Naughty Cards mean someone will Pull Santa’s Beard. Santa’s Beard is a wintery wonderland filled with enchanted holiday rules and actions... Do what the fat man tells you!

Play moves to the left. Save your Nice Cards but discard the used Naughty Cards & Beard Cards.

When the Naughty and Nice Cards run out, the game is over. The player who collects the most Nice Cards at the end of the game wins and eats all the cookies.

The losers make naked snow angels.

For ages 21+ and recommended for 3-6 players. Games last 30-60 minutes.

Pull Santa's Beard Demo